Vector X Blaster Cricket shoes for men with spikes

Vector X blaster cricket shoes with latest footwear technology for improving field cricket performance, comfort.

Vector x blaster cricket shoes is an all-rounder.  These shoes are perfect for batsmen as well as for bowlers.

Synthetic leather surface

Vector x cricket shoes are designed with high quality synthetic leather for flexibility, durability.   Air vents are given at the top surface of vector x shoes for air circulation.  The synthetic material makes the shoes for more endurance performance in the field.

Cushioned comfort

What comfort do you expect in a cricket shoes?  A well-padded shoe at the ankle collar.  Not only provides optimum comfort with a cushioned at the foot bed for immense comfort.  The vector x design helps to provide optimum grip.  The internal material is made for sweat absorbent.  For using prolonged hours you will still feel relaxed and fresh.

Exquisite details

The vector x cricket shoes has well-structured patterns with excellent graphics to look appealing and stylish in looks.  If you see the sole, it has a distinctive highlighted outlines as if the shoes are performance ready.

Designed for cricket.

These shoes are specifically designed for professional field cricket.  The sole is made of PVC for optimum support on pitch.

These shoes are perfect for batsmen as well as bowlers.

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