Top 5 websites for career guidance

You can visit these website to find answers to your questions related to career counselling.  Once you visit any of these websites you will get help and clarity in selecting career options based on your interest profile matching your skills.



There website is very information with all details.  The front interface is simple.  You will find “best career fit” when you explore their advance career assessments. 

They have specially designed programme for students, institutions and even if you are professional, can take their assessment to discover the best match or if you want to change for career- you are definitely going to get benefitted from this website.

Idream career

Idream career is also a very informative website specially for students and counsellors.  They have specifically designed programme for students, parents, counsellors, and also for non profit organizations.  They have a specially designed career directory and counsellors

Career guide

This is also another great website for career guidance and counselling.  You will find scientifically designed psychometric tests, assessments so that an individual who visit to discover his true potential with the help of these tests.

This website also provide guidance for students, counsellors, professionals and various psychometrics tests specially designed to meet individual needs.

You will find complete information about colleges, universities, even if you’re looking for studying abroad with a particular specialisation in various sectors like hospitality, travel, mass communication, media and animation. 

You will also find CAT preparation predictor specially designed by  you can even compare colleges.

If you are a student then this a site you may be looking to grab all information while planning your career.

If you are a counsellor then also this a website where you can use vital information and guide your clients.


This is another website since 2008.  They have a network of counsellors who are highly trained.

They have a partner programme specially for career counsellors who want to get associated with them.

You will get all the information related to career counselling.  You will also find a 5 dimensional assessment specially for career assessment.

Wrap up

These are all my personal research done on google search.  You  must also do research and take the best decisions of your choice.

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