SJ6 legend 4k action camera

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Quick Summary

SJ6 legend 4k action camera is the cheapest action camera at this price.  If you are starting your own moto vlogging then go for it.

besides there are many option available in the market but this is the one with the gyro stabilization, good battery life, easy to charge, and quite affordable also.


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SJ6 legend action camera is one of the cheapest 4k action camera. I bought one for moto vlogging through amazon. on receiving the package, you will receive a box that contains action camera and other accessories. The box contains a charging cable to charge the action camera. The box also contains, Waterproof cover, lens cover, various mounts, screw, and extension mounts.

You have to buy separate other accessories like chest mount belt, wrist mount, and head mount.

4k Action Camera Screen

The SJ6 legend action camera has dual screen. the front screen is 1inch tiny. The back screen is 2 inch in size with lcd touchscreen and it does the job. The less sensitive touch helps to avoid accidental touch.

4k Action Camera Battery

SJ6 legend 4k action camera has a battery backup of 130 minutes. The battery is 1050mAh high capacity detachable battery.

Video formats in 4k Action Camera

At this price you will get many formats of video. The SJ6 Legend records up to 4k at 24fps. 1080p, and 720p. However, I find the best video resolution is 1080p @ 60fps, which I use for during moto vlogging. the video quality is okay. You may check the footage below

Gyro Stabilization SJ6 legend 4k action camera

SJ6 legend 4k action camera provides video stabilization. The Gyro sensor helps to smooth the shaky footage Gyro has the capability to make the shaky video footage into butter-smooth steadiness.

Distortion Correction in Action Camera

Distortion Correction in the 4k action camera helps to record wide-angle video wide-angle videos without the bulging look.

WIFI option in sj6 legend action camera

The SJ6 legend action camera offers Wi-Fi support also. The Wifi helps to faster the file transfer on the devices. You may also connect the android app on your laptop and easily transfer your video footage on you mobile phone.

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