Easy to carry sleeping bag for camping for motorcycle riders

Touring on motorcycle is trending in India. Ladakh being the favorite place for motorcycle riders for camping. A good sleep-in night is a must for all motorcycle riders.  While camping, you need a warm comfortable sleeping bag for a good night sleep.

a motorcycle rider has a limited space to carry his / her luggage, especially a saddle bag, tail bag or a pannier with limited space.  you carry all the necessary essentials, and the first thing is a sleeping bag.

You will gain more information about sleeping bag in this post to select the best sleeping bag for you for your next adventure trip.

in a rush? my preferred is Slovic Army Sleeping Bag for Adults up to 7 ft | 0 to -10°C Lightweight Waterproof Winter Sleeping Bag | Indoors Outdoors Tents | Best for Backpacking Camping Expeditions Mountain Hiking Traveling. See in Amazon.


Product Name


  • Hood to keep your head warmer.
  • Adjustable drawstring hood
  • Faux fur lining
  • leight weight
  • Waterproof Easy to carry
  • Temperature  +8 °c
  • Leight weight
  • Stay warm and cosy

Slovic sleeping bag with extra lining for winters

Slovic sleeping bag has inner fur lining which is good to keep you warm in winters. Slovic sleeping bag has an inner layer that is made of wool and will keep you warm in winters.  The

Zippers provided in slovic sleeping bag is anti snag double zippers.  You may use it from inside as well as from outside also.  Sippers coils also prevent the cool breeze entering inside the sleeping bag to keep you warm and maintain body temperature inside the sleeping bag.

Slovic sleeping bag is most useful for trekking, hiking, camping as well as indoor and outdoor.


  • Easy to carry.
  • Light weight
  • Waterproof


  • Slips while packing
  • Best use above 6 degree Celcius
  • No layers

      Coleman Polyester Atlantic Lite 10 Camping Sleeping Bag, 1.19Kg (6 Feet, Green)

      Coleman sleeping bag

      The coleman sleeping bag is designed for cosy and comfort indoor as well as outdoor.  The plush material gives soft, relaxing comfort while relaxing when you sleep. 

      The thermolock zipper helps to maintain the warm inside the sleeping bag.  The zipper prevents the breeze entering inside the bag and reduces the heat loss through zipper coils.

      The coleman sleeping bag is designed to stay warm and cosy.  With better heat retention.  The sleeping bag can be easily packed into small size, making it easy to carry.

      The coleman sleeping bag is water resistant not waterproof.

      When properly zipped the Coleman sleeping bag maintain the heat loss through zipper coils. warms the body well up to the temperature of 10 degree Celsius.


      • Easy to carry.
      • Light weight
      • affordable price
      • ho zip snags


      • no hood to cover
      • best use above 10 degree celsius
      • only water resistant

          How to select the best sleeping bag suitable for motorcycle riders for camping

          Here is what you must look for when you are searching for a sleeping bag for your camping. 

          • The sleeping bag must be easily tied on the motorcycle
          • The sleeping bag must have a proper straps or covers after packing or attaching on the motorcycle luggage.
          • The durability of the sleeping bag.  Mostly if you go to higher altitude, you may find that your sleeping bag vacuum increase the size due to air pressure.
          • You must not buy a cheap quality.  Rather focus on quality as well as the warranty of the sleeping bag.  Since sleeping bags are made of high quality material.  The manufacturers always gives you a warranty period.  Before buying check the details.
          • There are various shapes and size of sleeping bags.  Before buying check the size, specially at shoulder, legs and length.  You may not get many size option in sleeping bags.  Therefore check before buying.
          • Check for material of the sleeping bag.  Like windproof material, wind resistance material and the most important waterproof
          • Check for the temperature your sleeping bag can accommodate.  Mostly if you go to cold climate for camping then before buying check the minimum temperature your sleeping bag protects. 
          • If you plan to do camping at -10 degree celcius then you must buy a sleeping bag which is capable to protect you below -10 degree.  Before buying check the specification of the sleeping bag minimum temperature protection.
          • When you order online, either from Amazon or any other online selling websites, check for the returnable period (mostly amazon have 7 to 10 days, returnable period, check before buying)
          • Sleeping bags are one time purchase and it comes at a price.  So before buying check the specifications, durability, minimum temperature protection limit, waterproof, snow proof etc.


          Camping is challenging mentally as well as physically.  But if you have the optimum protection and safety gears with you, then the camping will befome joyful.  Especially a very good night sleep will make it more enjoyable.  A perfect sleeping bag will make you warm comfortable while sleeping. 

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